Friday, December 18, 2015

The Interior Painting Project Part 4

Selection of living room paint

My younger son has finally come forward with his recommendation for paint colors on the living room walls.  The colors are Valspar Brioche (orange) and Valspar Black Evergreen (pretty much black).  The scrap board shown leaning against the living room wall is painted with test samples of these two paints.

The orange will be the predominant color of the living room and should brighten things up nicely.  The black will be an accent color.

Given my son's aptitude for design -- the ability to assemble pieces into a harmonious whole -- I have no doubt that his color choices will yield a pleasing result.  My only concern is that he has chosen the team colors for the Cincinnati Bengals.

With this color scheme, my townhouse may be unmarketable to rabid Denver Broncos fans.

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