Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Interior Painting Project Begins

Right in the middle of The Great Bicycle Build, I have injected another project: The Interior Painting Project.  You gasp in astonishment.  Two concurrent projects, really?  Yes, it's madness!

I feel the need to make changes in my life.  The first step in this change process will be to rid my townhouse of the familiar mustard-colored interior paint in favor of some sprightly off-white with a hint of red.  (It's obvious that I approach life changes very slowly and cautiously.  If Christopher Columbus had my disposition, he would have stopped at the Canary Islands, shrugged his shoulders, and called it good enough.)

Here are two views of my living room as it currently appears.  The first view was from the back.  The second view was taken from the entry way as I leaned over the partition.  

 My younger son and I are making preparations to paint the ceiling a fresher shade of white (a whiter shade of pale?).  Next week we will start on the walls.

My son has an urge to add some dramatic color to the fireplace.  I, however, am comfortable with its current bland look and am skeptical of fireplace drama.

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