Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Interior Painting Project Part 2

I chose a paint sample called Valspar Birchwood White from Lowe's hardware store.

The Lowe's expert, a retired painter, urged me to buy one can of Birchwood White and conduct an experiment.  He suggested that I paint a scrap board and then carry the board from room to room to see the paint's color in all kinds of light and in proximity to the other colored surfaces in the townhouse (e.g., kitchen cabinets, the laminate flooring, the ceilings).  Better to check for weird color clashes before I commit to purchasing many cans of paint.

Here is the freshly painted test board at 10:00 p.m. tonight, as viewed by lamp light.  The color appears to be a cheerful off-white.  But how will it look during the daytime?

I am off work for 18 days during this Christmas break and am looking forward to this painting adventure.  I don't recall any previous time in my adult life where I had 18 straight days when I wasn't being told what to do by some professor or boss.  This will be an interesting and instructive foretaste of retirement.

[Updates from 12/17/2015:

To be completely accurate, I had two months off in 1984 when nobody was telling me what to do.  This was the period when I was laid off during the first oil shale boom. 

The Valspar Birchwood White color mentioned above had a bit of red in it and made the fireplace mantel appear a sickly pale green by contrast.  I was fortunate to evaluate the paint sample before making a major paint buy.  More paint research is needed.]

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