Friday, January 10, 2014

The Last Lights of Christmas

The Parks Department has been slow in taking down the Christmas lights, to my complete gratitude.  I love the lights.  My druthers would be to leave Christmas lights shine until about Memorial Day. 

I walked out last night and attempted to take a picture of my favorite light display: a magnificent spruce tree wrapped with colored lights (some of which mysteriously oscillated between red/blue or red/green) and its surrounding deciduous trees with their strands of white lights.  This was the dull and pallid result.

Disappointed, I decided to improve on nature and alter the photograph with an editor.  Honest photographers would rightly find this reprehensible.  My only defense is that I wanted to recreate the bright and lovely blur that my near-sighted eyes actually saw.  An acute observer will notice that my hands shook with the cold, causing the image of each light bulb to trace out a lower-case "e."


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