Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Mile Creek Trail

My younger son and I hiked the splendid Three Mile Creek Trail last weekend.  The trail frequently crossed Three Mile Creek on log bridges.  We counted ten bridges before we had to turn back because of hip-deep snow.  The trail is on my list for a summer hike.

"This popular hiking trail provides access into the heart of the southern half of the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area. The trailhead is along Geneva Creek Road and its terminus is the junction with the Rosalie Trail. The 6.5 mile hike is rated as moderately difficult due to its length and elevation gain. The trail offers spectacular high mountain scenery and vistas. The last mile of the trail is above tree line. Allow 3.5-4 hours to reach the junction with Rosalie Trail walking a moderate and steady pace. Because of its location in a designated wilderness area mountain bikes and other motorized/mechanized vehicles are prohibited.

The first 3 miles of the trail follow Three Mile Creek in a northeasterly direction. The stream and trail are in a narrow canyon with the trail crossing the stream at a dozen or so log bridges. At approximately mile 3 (l.5 hours of walking from the trailhead), you come upon a small open meadow with a rock cairn and signpost saying 'Trail'..."

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