Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hike along the Hogback

My younger son recommended a hike along the Dakota Ridge Trail on the hogback area (a string of jagged rocky foothills reminiscent, I'm told, of the spine of  an Arkansas razorback hog) near Morrison, Colorado.  After a preparatory rest consisting of lounging around the townhouse until noon today, I felt ready for adventure.

The hike was an out-and-back hike, rather than a loop, and took me about two hours.  I am an accomplished downhill hiker, but I struggle when resisting the Earth's gravitational pull.  My ascent of the last hogback hill (vertebra?) at the end of the hike had me doubled over gasping for breath about every fifty feet.  A young couple taking their toddler for a Saturday stroll along the hogback were kind enough to stop and ask me if I needed medical attention.  I assured them that my difficulties were solely due to lack of conditioning and that I was in no danger.

Here is a photo from one of the hogback pinnacles, looking across the valley to the renowned Red Rocks amphitheater.

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