Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Ascent of Lookout Mountain

Today I hiked up Lookout Mountain.

Here is the evidence.  I trust this will refute the scoffing of my political enemies that a man of my advanced age, girth, and inertia would be incapable of climbing anything more ambitious than a step stool.

Exhibit A:  Here you see a photo of Clear Creek Canyon from the Windy Saddle observation point, halfway up the mountain.

Exhibit B:  Here you see a photo that confirms my attendance in front of the trail sign for the Lookout Mountain trail, at a point 0.4 miles from the summit.  The summit is a flat top occupied by the Lookout Mountain Nature Center and the old Boettcher Mansion, the summer home and hunting lodge built in 1917 for old-time Denver magnate Charles Boettcher, a Prussian draft dodger who rose from humble origins to found a Rocky Mountain business empire.

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