Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lookout Mountain Again

I made my third hike up (and down) Lookout Mountain today.

It was a fine day for a hike.  The fluffy clouds were propitious and my feet were rested and ready.  I powered up the steep section at the start.  My legs were like iron but my lungs were like stiff rubber.  Stopping at the Windy Saddle overlook to catch my breath, I sat and took a picture of the view up the mountain.

I was sitting on a wood bench for this photo shoot.  Now, my townhouse furniture is made of wood but none of it can compare to this bench for sheer woodiness.

I did fairly well walking the rest of the way up the mountain -- lots of huffing and puffing but few episodes of doubling over and gasping for breath.  Very near the mountain's top I was treated to the sight of six deer grazing.  Here are the two most photogenic.

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