Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back home again

I am settling back into my normal humdrum routine after attending the wedding of my older son and his lovely young bride. Their marriage ceremony, held in a beautiful garden center south of San Francisco, was a traditional Christian ceremony augmented by a personal touch: the symbolic blending of grains to express their new unity. As all of my principal blog readers were part of the wedding party, a detailed description of the ceremony and the subsequent joyful festivities is not necessary here.

A consequence of this momentous occasion is that I have been too busy living to attend to my blog this month. Blogging, at least the way that I practice it, is a ruminative form of literature. My typical blog entries deal with analysis or reminiscence -- that is, minor essays dealing with events viewed in the rear-view mirror. When real life comes rushing at me, I need time to calm down before I can assess what it all means.