Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The life of a blogger

As a blogger who fashions minor essays from the small events of his own life, I am continually in search of material. In fact, the blog frequently has the salutary effect of getting me off the couch to go in search of something worth mentioning in the blog. I find myself being more receptive toward invitations to concerts, ballgames, nature walks, and tourist attractions -- activities that I formerly was luke-warm about -- because of possibilities of discovering a topic for a blog entry. For instance, at least part of my interest in attending the recent Colorado Rockies game was the prospect of generating a blog entry to meet my September goal of 16 entries. So, nowadays I don't so much blog about my life as I shape my life to fit my blog. It is rather like being a crime reporter who robs a bank so that he will have a crime to report about.