Saturday, October 31, 2015

Great Day for a Blue Jay

I hiked the Enchanted Forest trail today.

It was ideal hiking weather.  The trail was strewn with aspen leaves, the next best thing to being strewn with rose petals.

I saw a flash of blue and grabbed for my digital camera.  It was a mountain jay.  I fired off several quick photos without wasting time to zoom in or even focus very carefully.  The mountain jay doesn't stay put long.

Farther up the trail I saw another jay (or maybe the same one again).  I took a quick photo before the bird vanished into the pines.

Soon after I saw another blue bird walking ahead of me on the trail.  This little fellow, about the size of a sparrow, is called a scrub jay.   It had no problem with being photographed.

Here are pictures of the mountain jay and the scrub jay taken by competent photographers.  (Also, the models were a bit more cooperative than mine.)

As I often say: "Any day you see a blue bird is a good day."

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