Friday, October 9, 2015

Ashley Sterne Photography

While searching Google Books, I found part of a comic sketch by Ashley Sterne in The Amateur Photographer & Photography, Volume 47, 1919,  p. 234.  A feature writer called "The Walrus" provided this snippet:

The photographer began to look me up and down as if he had lost something.  "If you are looking for my face," I said, "you'll find it on top of my neck, just underneath my cap.  It's that round thing, something like a melon." 

He uttered a little joyful cry as he recognized it from my vivid description.  "Yes," he said, reeling back in admiration, and holding his hand over his eyes to hide his emotion.  "I think I've got a couple of steel plates that will be able to take the strain.  Just sit down on that chair." 

I did so, while the photographer arranged a tasteful and pleasing background of thunderclouds and sea made out of painted canvas, and placed a beautiful Corinthian pillar made out of papier-mache for me to rest my right ear on.  He put a rustic stile, made out of rustic stile wood, on the other side of me, and thrust a newspaper made out of newspaper into my hand.  Then he produced a 3 in. 2 cwt. breech-loading camera, and aimed it straight at my weasand, odds bodikins.  Then he slipped a dark slide into the breach of the camera, squeezed a motor horn, took two guineas away from me, and threw me out.

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