Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Swedish Anvil

Last Sunday my younger son and I traveled to Buena Vista, Colorado to pick up an anvil that he had bought on eBay.  The anvil was stored at a small shop that sold antique trifles and tourist souvenirs.

The proprietor took us to the anvil.  We loaded it into the trunk of my Mazda (my son did the lifting) and we headed back to Denver.  Unfortunately, we decided to take Interstate 70, which was remarkably clogged with traffic coming down from the mountain resorts. 

Now, it is usually the height of foolishness for a driver to take pictures while going down the highway.  However, when the traffic is moving at five miles per hour, the risk is minor.  Here is a photograph of scenery on the way back to Denver.

I will not prolong the suspense.  Here is a photograph of the new anvil -- a petite 70 lb. anvil from Sweden with a pretty turned up horn and clean edges -- that is sitting atop my son's 120 lb. Peter Wright anvil.  The new anvil was made in 1928.  (Not so long ago, really.  My father was five years old when the Swedes were making this anvil.)

  The only thing better than having one anvil is having two!

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