Friday, August 14, 2015

Hiking with Horses

I took vacation time today to go on a weekday hike instead of my accustomed Saturday hike. 

I expected that there would be fewer hikers on a Friday and perhaps more animals about.  My expectation was proven correct.  Here are animals that I had never seen on the trail before.

A man and a woman in their fifties rode past me as they went up the trail and again as they went down.  Cowboy hats on riders are apparently outmoded.  Safety-conscious modern riders have adopted polo helmets for their trail riding.  I'm glad that John Wayne didn't live to see this.

The parks are remarkably strict about making dog owners pick up dog waste on the trail.  Horse owners, however, are a favored lot.  They are not required to carry along a jumbo garbage bag to collect horse droppings.  (In the interest of maintaining a high tone for this blog, I have refrained from adding photographs of the many piles of manure that I had to hop over on the trail.)

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