Saturday, June 6, 2015

Opening My Eyes

There is a splendid evergreen tree in the alley behind my townhouse.  It has been there for decades, and every day I view it from my kitchen window.  However, last week as I was driving up to my garage, I glanced over at the tree and was surprised to see it.  At that instant I was convinced that I had never seen it before.  (A check of my blood pressure is probably in order.)  Here is a picture of this tree that so surprised me.

Chastened by this unsettling mental lapse, I undertook to be more observant as I walked to the library today.  I immediately noticed a crow that was cawing imperiously from the top of a nearby 40-foot spruce.  He would caw and then strike a pose for the world to admire.

Later, as I was walking home from the library, I saw two bunnies grazing in front of an apartment.  Here is the more photogenic of the two.

The bunny appeared to have no fear of me.  This was foolhardiness on its part, because I am of imposing size and widely known to be carnivorous.  While it is true that I seldom sample Leporidae, a bunny would do well not to presume on my forbearance.

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