Monday, June 8, 2015

Transcending the Fussy Demands of Competence

Although these days I am little more than an overpaid (and grateful for it!) corporate clerk, tonight I decided to treat myself to an evening of refined delights befitting someone of a higher station in life.  I began by listening to the excellent Palestrina requiem "Miss pro defunctis" and then, just as the sun was setting, I strolled to the nearby reservoir.  In the remaining moments of sunlight, I saw a distant bronze-colored creature rising from the shore.  The creature shone in the soft, oblique light like something out of a dream.

I set my digital camera on its greatest magnification and used it as a telescope.  The creature was revealed to be a deer.

I decided to take its picture in the impressionistic style, by applying the precise amount of hand tremble to simulate a watercolor effect.  (Anyone with skill can take a sharp picture.  It takes an artist such as myself to transcend the fussy demands of competence.)

Behold the impressionistic deer with its shining rump!  The little blob of white in the middle of fluffy blue water is a boat. 

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