Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taking a Break from the Early 20th Century

Recently I have been devoting most of my leisure hours to researching short-form comic articles from the time of The Great War.  This involves many hours slouching in front of my computer.  As a much-needed break from this compulsive hobby, I roused myself this afternoon and took a stroll to the nearby reservoir.

I found a bench seat by the water and observed geese carefully washing and grooming themselves.  What could be more restful!  I marveled at the contortions of their serpentine necks.

After a time the geese grew tired of my attentions and paddled out to deeper water.  I quite understood.  I myself would feel uneasy if geese wanted to watch me in the shower.  (I would surely suffer some embarrassment in falling short of their standards.  I am neither as flexible nor as fastidious in grooming as they are.  However, I give myself points for being toilet-trained.)

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