Saturday, October 12, 2013

Universal Trail Sign

I was hiking on my favorite trail, the Mount Galbraith loop, today.  Halfway around the mountain, beside an especially rocky and indistinct section of the trail, I saw several small rocks stacked on each other.  I assumed that this was the universal sign marking the correct way to go.

However, in retrospect, I have begun to distrust my assumption.  After all, my knowledge of trail craft is skimpy. The stacked rocks could have signified any number of things, such as:
  • Beware of moose!
  • Wrong way!
  • Pick up after your dog!
Shortly after seeing this sign, I ran into a middle-aged couple who warned me that they had spotted a rattlesnake beside the trail ahead.  Perhaps the stacked rocks are the universal sign for Rattlesnake Crossing.

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