Saturday, September 28, 2013

Red Rocks hike

I took a morning hike along the Red Rock trail and took a side trip to the famous Red Rocks concert venue.

Here is the back side of the venue, as seen from the trail.  The geology is interesting with all the big, reddish boulders; but you wouldn't suspect a world-class amphitheatre is on the other side.

I followed the trail up to the entry road and passed through the tunnel.

A sign pointed the way to the sidewalk leading to the amphitheatre.

I made my way to the front of the stage, which was being configured for the day's event, a sold-out concert by Big Gigantic (never heard of them) called Rowdytown 2.

The amphitheatre seating was currently in use by young athletes who wanted to be observed exercising by other young athletes.  Being neither fit nor young, I did not join them in scampering up and down the rows of seats.

I departed the amphitheatre via a ramp that appeared surprisingly delicate when I photographed it from the safety of the ground.

I capped my visit by visiting the Red Rocks Trading Post and purchasing a strawberry fruit-cicle, a delicacy so surpassingly satisfying that I completely forgot about my tired feet.

I hope that this modest travelogue piques your interest in visiting the Red Rocks amphitheatre.

[Disclaimer:  this blog entry should not be taken as an express or implied recommendation or warranty for the abilities of Big Gigantic, whoever they may be, or the entertainment value of their Rowdytown 2, whatever it may be.]

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