Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Trip to the Mall

For my weekend constitutional, I made a two-hour walk to the mall this afternoon. My plan was to take pictures representing countries that were contiguous in Europe, starting with Greece and then going on to Italy (okay, not contiguous, but only a short sea voyage away) and then France and Germany. A Greek church began the series. A pizza place would serve for Italy. I would have to keep a sharp eye out for France and then Germany.

Unfortunately, my camera battery gave out after four shots. The plan was kaput. I kept marching on to the mall but my heart was low.

Happily, the mall was a cheerful place, aswarm with shoppers. Nuts to the recession, say the consumers! I found a quiet table in the food court and sat to rest my tired feet. Across from me, the Cajun Grill was doing slow business, so the young Chinese girl at the counter was offering free samples. She looked at me and waved a spicy morsel on a toothpick. I smiled and shook my head no. I thought to myself, "This is an asian Cajun occasion."

I amused myself with this little tongue-twister of a phrase all the way home on the lightrail.