Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Herbert Hoover History

On the way back from my visit to Iowa, I stopped by West Branch to visit the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.  I toured Hoover's birthplace and a reconstruction of his father's blacksmith shop.

Hoover was born in a small cottage roughly the size of a one-car garage with a small shed and a little porch attached in back.  The "shed" portion housed some pantry shelves and a small cook-stove.  The cottage proper was divided into a parlor and a bedroom.

The parlor was cozy but primitive -- no flat screen television or recliner.

I walked down the street to where "Bert" Hoover's father Jesse had his blacksmith shop.

A historical-recreation actor (who is also a competent general blacksmith trained at the Amana Colonies school) answered my questions about smithing in the late 1800s.  He is shown pulling on a lever to work the six-foot-long bellows.  His forge burns coal.

I highly recommend visiting the site.

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