Saturday, July 23, 2016

Enjoying the Scenery

I live in an affluent part of town.  Not being particularly affluent myself, I can only afford a one bedroom apartment.  But I get the benefit of the scenery.

In a semi-arid desert region of the country, prosperity is signaled by an abundance of trees.  Today, as I walked to the nearby state park, I paid special attention to the trees.

My apartment complex has many nice trees.  Here is the view between two of the apartment buildings.

I walked down the street toward the state park.  Fashionable neighborhoods are thick with trees on either side of the street.

I entered the park.  Here is what all this area looked like one hundred years ago.

I stepped off the path to snap this butterfly shot.

I stopped and rested beside the reservoir, enjoying the shade and the watching the antics of kayakers and paddle boarders.

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