Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today was a fine Easter Sunday.

After an excellent 8:00 a.m. church service (in place of the sunrise service that I failed to wake up for), I had a pleasant Le Peep brunch with my younger son.  He has returned to live with me temporarily until he finds new lodging arrangements.

Last week he rented a basement bedroom in a house across town, but that situation quickly came to resemble the opening chapter of a Victorian horror story -- lights turned on inexplicably when nobody but my son was presumably present in the house and a number of other disturbing indications.  Call this first chapter "Dangers and Mysteries."  Fortunately, my son bailed out after four days and avoided the chapters "Midnight Attack" and "The Torture Chamber."

This afternoon I took a leisurely walk by the Cherry Creek Reservoir and saw some leisurely geese.

The geese became much less leisurely a minute later when a man came along with his German Shepherd dog.

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