Friday, February 26, 2016

The Townhouse Sale Goes Live

After the travail of months of preparation (including mishaps such as having a sixteen-foot ladder slide out from under me), I was finally able to put my townhouse on the market today.  Here is a sales photograph from a real estate website.  Pretty classy, in my opinion.

Under normal lighting, the wall surrounding the fireplace looks orange rather than incandescent yellow.  But, all in all, the photograph is successful in presenting the brightness and openness of the living room.

The sheaf of reeds and the fake branches with white and maroon leaves to the right of the fireplace was a graceful touch recommended by my younger son to provide artistic balance.

The dining room was highlighted (literally) by light fixtures with antique iron-filament bulbs, which give a warm yellow light.

The first showing was conducted this afternoon.

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