Saturday, August 23, 2014

Counting My Botanical Blessings

One of the reasons I bought my townhouse was the beauty of the nearby park.  But now I often find myself taking the park for granted.  And so, to combat this dullness of perception, I decided to give the scenery my full attention during my afternoon walk.

This year curved concrete borders were placed around the flower beds, giving a dressy look.

Most of the park is a narrow band of greenery below street level.  Thick trees and bushes border the north end of the creek running through the center of the park. The different shades of green beggar description (pure green, dark green, light green, gray-green, green with a touch of yellow).
From the right vantage point, one can see an imposing office building rise above the foliage like a distant fairy-tale castle.  (Some imagination is required.)

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