Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Kitchen Workbench

I came down for breakfast and found that the kitchen table had been transformed into a workbench covered with tools from different eras.  This kind of thing no longer surprises me.  My younger son employs many and diverse tools in his instrument making.  The black box, when assembled, will be a digital controller for maintaining the temperature of a varnish pot.

The wooden gadgets (shown in the detail below) are two antique planes originally used for making coffins, but also serviceable for the making of cellos.  (As the world consumes many more coffins than cellos, my son should perhaps consider a sideline venture of the funerary sort.)  In front of the planes is a Machinery's Handbook published in 1946.  Its pages are opened to tables of  tap drill sizes for machine screws, presumably related to the assemblage of the black box.

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