Thursday, July 4, 2013

Elk Paparazzo

I took an Independence Day hike today and encountered a herd of about thirty elk near the trail.  Here are two of them.

The herd was indifferent to me until I pulled out my digital camera.  Then they all sidled off deeper into the trees.  My command of the Elkish language is rudimentary, but here is my translation of one exchange of grunts and barks.

First Elk: "A human is watching us."

Second Elk: "Don't worry about it.  He's an old one, harmless."

First Elk: "What's he doing here?  Did he get separated from his herd?"

Second Elk: "Probably.  Humans often get cast off when they get old.  They call it 'forced retirement.'"

First Elk: "Now he's pulling out a digital camera."

Second Elk: "That's just rude.  Time to show him the white patch and get out of here."

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