Monday, December 20, 2010

A new approach

My blog has run out of steam. (Picture a Victorian steam engine wheezing and shuddering to a halt.) I have lost interest in posting scenic snapshots and excerpts from books that I find clever or original. Going forward, instead of using the blog as a kind of scrapbook, I intend for the blog to serve as a kind of haphazard literary journal, where I post nothing but my own humble writings -- short stories mostly, but perhaps also some essays, parodies, journalism (if anything interesting is happening in my locale), and light verse.

Postings will be irregular. Instead of being a web periodical, the blog will be an aperiodical. My work schedule for 2011 will likely be hectic; and in the interest of avoiding blood pressure spikes, I need to avoid saddling myself with stringent goals for frequency or content of blog entries.


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