Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colorado Blue Spruce

I walked to the library this morning. I hoped to have an insight along the way or some blogworthy experience. No dice. The only thing of interest was this Colorado Blue Spruce. As the unretouched photo shows, the tree's needles are glaucous (a fancy word meaning bluish-green). In fact, this tree is as conspicuously glaucous as a blue spruce gets.

Its scientific name is Picea pungens 'Hoopsii'. Picea (pitch) refers to the tree's resinous sap. Blue spruce sap was formerly used as chewing gum by Native Americans. They now prefer Trident, I believe. Pungens (sharp) refers to the tree's pointy needles. 'Hoopsii' refers to the Hoops Nursery in Germany where this cultivated variety of the Colorado Blue Spruce originated.

This concludes the Uneventful Saturday Morning Review.

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