Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Them Ol' Fragmentation Blues

Them Ol' Fragmentation Blues

My computer's performance had slowed to laborious.
It was time to apply a solution memorious.
And so, last night I watched the defrag program for an hour as my hard drive whirled.
(It's clear my life is insufficiently night club'd, cocktail'd, and chorus girl'd.)
The defrag program left no doubt
My hard drive needed sorting out:
The memory map of blues (contiguous) and whites (vacuous) and reds (ubiquitous) was densely grained.
In short, my drive was scatterbrained.
As the defrag program did its shuttle weaving;
I saw the reds shifting, merging, leaving.
When all of the files had been woven tight,
The memory map was half blue, half white.

And then before I fell asleep,
I pondered something vast and deep.
A homily, it came to me,
On easing painful memory,
A lesson from the defragged drive
To help the weary soul revive.

But I, chagrined, awoke to find
The point of it had slipped my mind.

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