Friday, April 2, 2010

The First Microphones of Spring

Microphones can appear in any room of the house when you live with a musician, composer, or producer (or, in the case of my younger son, a three-in-one amalgam). Yesterday, the first microphones of Spring migrated upstairs from my son's basement sound studio.

My son wanted to record some violin tracks and set up two widely spaced microphones to exploit phase differences (or some such technical mumbo jumbo). He placed one microphone in the living room of my new townhouse (see photo above). The living room is currently barren of furniture (and likely to stay that way until my bank account heals from the bruising it took last month from kitchen furnishings and car repairs) and its cavernous space provides a nice echo delay, adding warmth to the sound of a solo instrument or small ensemble. The second microphone pointed down vulture-like from the upstairs railing.

Microphones in the living room do not trouble me. But if my son develops a hankering for the snappy reverberations of my master bathroom, we will have a talk.

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