Sunday, June 15, 2008

Observation on creative expression

In reviewing my blog entries for this year, I have noticed a pattern. Entries were most numerous following family visits. After a visit with both sons in January, my spirits rose and I felt the freedom to write several sketches and short stories -- even a sonnet. The benefits of the visit slowly dissipated; and by April and May, even the formerly helpful device of posting an introductory picture on the blog to prime the literary pump was ineffective. The well was dry. But now, having enjoyed the company of both sons and also of Midwest family members during the past two weeks, I once again have the feeling of lightness, calmness, and clarity needed for composing a blog entry (the most humble form, after the graffito, of literary expression).

One wonders how crucial frequent contact with family and like-minded friends must be to expressing creativity, whether in the arts, in scientific inquiry, or in the management of human organizations.